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Readings are scheduled on Sunday’s & Monday’s only 10a-3p PST.
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*Seven days out of each month (Lunar Time), I do not touch my spiritual tools. Please respect this traditional rule. Once the seven days is complete, the readings will commence.
E.S. 💚

Day 15

I’m still going. I’m also still very occupied with the foundation of the business. I have a few stylist that want to join the join. It is nerve decking because this is my baby and no ones going to apply the effort quite like me. I’m still scrambling to get the funds together to find a home for me and my daughter. I have less than too weeks. I’m trying not to stress out. The raw food helps. Until next time. Wellness.

Day 3

Everything went along as plannedtoday. I got up; drunk my water, took my herbs, ate fruit, ate veggies, ate some more fruit and will end my day with more fruit. I’m still caught in a whirlwind of struggle but optimism is what I have to hold me. I’m no longer in place where I feel alone and without. I feel content and every bit of this struggle is here for a reason. I push myself through the dark moments. I’ll always remember what it took to get ahead; pure sacrifice and determination. I appreciate all of the support I’ve received via YouTube. I’ve gained thought family. I feel very fortunate to have connected with so many people who symthpathize with my story. Freedom is my daily yearning. I want it above all things. I want it bad.

Day 2 – Raw Alkaline Vegan Experiment

Times are rough but I’m going to focus on eating well to boost the morale. I’m trying this new endeavor for the second time in my life. The last time I tried was six years ago. It was successful decreasing the cycle down to one day. I want to attempt to decrease my cycle down to 1-0 days. Can this been done? We will certainly see. You can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram @universityofes. To see me live or to catch a recent upload, check The Univeraity of E.S.Channel on YouTube.

Business As Usual

I’ve finally completed shop number 2. All I have to do now is finish putting away herbs in the small kitchen space. I’ve been procrastinating. I’m truly tired and daydream often. I never thought I’d have to do so much alone. At shop number one, I hired a painter to come and spruce up the place. I’m excited and scared because the painter seems to think its cool to talk to me about when we’re going on a date? He hadn’t even started and he was already crossing the lines of total disrespect. Not professional at all but you get what you pay for. He showed major love so I reckon I need to chill but there will be no date. Utterly ridiculous. On another note, today I completed my Locs and Natural Hair Boot Camp to introduce two ladies that want to join the team. The new window signs should be complete soon, then I can move forward with marketing. Through it all, all I think about is travel. Someday.

Moving Foward

Finally we’re making progress. Things have been discombobulated as of late but I’m finding my stride again. After moving forward from my cyber relationship, I’ve come to the realization that I am loved regardless. I’m loved in a way that cannot be touched by man. I’m on the upward spiral. I’m feeling high and alive. I trust my ancestors in this conceit. I cannot be touched, at least not in an abusive way. Many have come my way to take but have not what it takes to water and or cultivate. It’s okay and I will remain consistent with loving me. I am who I have been waiting for and if there ever comes a time where luck finds me in love, that person will know just what to do. Consistency is the name of the game in matters of love, and business. During this new mom, I have received new insight and I am grateful. I will continue to master the mundane. I am grateful for my advisors who were just passing through. I will strengthen the weakest parts of who I am without reservation. I will go it alone. My spiritual entourage loves me and will never hurt me unlike people. People will try to hurt you because they have not honored or aligned themselves. If they are in the process, let them be. I’m staying focused on my ultimate goal and that is the goal of freedom. Ase! 💚

Still working

Thank you to any and everyone who stops by to read my post or to request readings. I truly appreciate your inquiries. I’m totally immersed in inner growth at the moment. I’m loving my recent decision to continue to maintain what is within and that which in front of me. 2017 is a year of mapping out the details, tightening the bolts; designing your plan; it is a time of organization. What we put in to it, we shall certainly reap the return. I’ve finally made the final important purchases for the new shop. The hardest work is almost done. I cannot wait to get support that this new shop calls for. I will return back to YouTube very soon. I’ll share more herbs for self healing. I love you, take care. 💚

Saturn Has Spoken.

This month has been absolutely remarkable! I’ve reached major milestones for the business! I haven’t been able to post YouTube videos because I just haven’t been feeling it lately. I will upload possibly during my business trip to Atlanta or right before. Saturn being in retrograde in my sign has and will continue to align the authentic aspects of myself until August. This hurts. Not that I’m not authentic but I’m hasty and haste breeds a whole lot of wavering decisions which are not foundated upon stable ground. I’m afraid I had to cut some people off. I felt as though all that I’ve worked for could not be hindered by stagnant weight. And there I was again… Waiting…weighting. Saturn doesn’t like it when we participate in behaviors which delays progress. Just passing through. I’ll be back. 💚