When Saturn turned retrograde, it moved into Sagittarius which is my sun sign and will continue until late August, 2017. It’s actually luck on our side. Beside if Saturn was full peed ahead and direct, it would not be pretty. I’m seeing that this will be a time for discipline, patience and a great deal of self restraint. I’m growing accustomed to looking at everything in a dejected sort of way. I don’t feel pressed to make any brash decisions. Today was pretty epic though. E.S. & Company, LLC official! It felt great as my new banker kept smiling at me as if he’d never seen a woman establish a corporation. None of this would have been made possible had it not been for JF Enterprises, my financial distant cousin through adoption and marriage lol. The broths finally came through!!! It’s time to think it all through and look at what’s best and most conducive for success on all levels. I will not sugar coat the fact that I could be very impulsive financially and in my personal life. I have no regrets but it would have been nice to have family that cared enough to intrude to help me make better decisions especially pertaining to my love life. When I was in my teens, I’d bring a boy home for my dad to meet and he’d bring out the shot gun. I never understood why he behaved this way. He was not the emotional type; neither was he much of a talker. He showed his protection and care. He was a doer. My deadly scorpion. Lol Daddy was a trip. I’ll always admire his protective and loving nature although he’s long gone. He would not approve of me intertaining a long distance situation. It can be detrimental to the finances if not dealt with wisely. He wouldn’t approve of me ever waiting or running businesses without support. I’ve made these kinds of desicions on my own with the legacy in mind but the deeper I delve into myself and really look closely, it is my fathers and my legacy. This is why I’ve seen men come and go. I had already surpassed them in various ways to where they could not meet me half way. I carry the energy of one who was indeed raised by an older southern man. It really sucks but things have to get done regardless. I choose not to spend too much time worrying about anything but what’s in front of me. I learned about that concept long ago. Boy have times changed. It’s very rare for blacks to take interest in family business. I’ve tried to bring some of my extended members on but I think the vision belongs to me solely else I truly wouldn’t have had to reach all the way to the continent to find an understanding ear.
Next week, I’ll take some time out for myself. I have a business meeting that I’ve been invited to in Atlanta. Atlanta has a way of curing wanderlust.

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