Still working

Thank you to any and everyone who stops by to read my post or to request readings. I truly appreciate your inquiries. I’m totally immersed in inner growth at the moment. I’m loving my recent decision to continue to maintain what is within and that which in front of me. 2017 is a year of mapping out the details, tightening the bolts; designing your plan; it is a time of organization. What we put in to it, we shall certainly reap the return. I’ve finally made the final important purchases for the new shop. The hardest work is almost done. I cannot wait to get support that this new shop calls for. I will return back to YouTube very soon. I’ll share more herbs for self healing. I love you, take care. 💚

About Empress

Empress Shah Business Owner Entrepreneur Teacher/ Student Paleo Hebrew / Numerical Conceptual Teachings Youtuber - Song Writer/ Vocalist (Hobby) Facebook, E.S. Mende Gifts: Diviner, Spiritual Liaison, Speaker, Born Philosopher, Songwriter, Singer, Touch Therapist (Massage/ Reiki/ Energy), Doula, Traveler...

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