Business As Usual

I’ve finally completed shop number 2. All I have to do now is finish putting away herbs in the small kitchen space. I’ve been procrastinating. I’m truly tired and daydream often. I never thought I’d have to do so much alone. At shop number one, I hired a painter to come and spruce up the place. I’m excited and scared because the painter seems to think its cool to talk to me about when we’re going on a date? He hadn’t even started and he was already crossing the lines of total disrespect. Not professional at all but you get what you pay for. He showed major love so I reckon I need to chill but there will be no date. Utterly ridiculous. On another note, today I completed my Locs and Natural Hair Boot Camp to introduce two ladies that want to join the team. The new window signs should be complete soon, then I can move forward with marketing. Through it all, all I think about is travel. Someday.

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