Day 2 – Raw Alkaline Vegan Experiment

Times are rough but I’m going to focus on eating well to boost the morale. I’m trying this new endeavor for the second time in my life. The last time I tried was six years ago. It was successful decreasing the cycle down to one day. I want to attempt to decrease my cycle down to 1-0 days. Can this been done? We will certainly see. You can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram @universityofes. To see me live or to catch a recent upload, check The Univeraity of E.S.Channel on YouTube.

About Empress

Empress Shah Business Owner Entrepreneur Teacher/ Student Paleo Hebrew / Numerical Conceptual Teachings Youtuber - Song Writer/ Vocalist (Hobby) Facebook, E.S. Mende Gifts: Diviner, Spiritual Liaison, Speaker, Born Philosopher, Songwriter, Singer, Touch Therapist (Massage/ Reiki/ Energy), Doula, Traveler...

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